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Lead. Achieve.
With OKRs.

OKR transformations

that accelerate business growth by creating alignment, focus, and transparency at all levels.

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Carolin Obernolte
Strategy & OKR Advisor

Carolin Obernolte is a professional problem solver and experienced strategy consultant specialized in OKR transformations. She helps organizations accelerate their business growth by adopting Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), a renowned target setting framework from the Silicon Valley. Carolin helps organizations define their vision, mission, and strategy as well as implement and roll out OKRs successfully by guiding top executives and their teams through the OKR cycle. She helps organizations improve alignment, focus, and transparency while empowering them to build up a growth mindset and become more outcome-oriented as well as data-driven.

Carolin Obernolte - OKR Transformation Consulting

Consulting Services

Holistic strategy & OKR advisory  to accelerate business growth while ensuring a sustainable adoption of the OKR framework in the long-run through effective coaching. 

OKR Transformation Consulting
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Consulting & Classes

Are you interested in building up OKR know-how?

Learn all you need to know about the OKR framework and best practices to use OKRs correctly in your organization. 

Implementation & Rollouts

Have you heard of OKRs and are eager to implement OKRs in your organization?

Get professional guidance from an experienced OKR expert to grow your business with alignment, focus & transparency.

Transformation & Change

Have you implemented OKRs, but realized that it is not as simple as it seemed to be?

Leverage professional OKR transformation and change expertise to unfold your organization's true potential with OKRs. 

OKRs trigger changeOrganizations need time to leverage the framework's full potential. However, this time is well invested if done right. Experts help you adopt OKRs correctly & sustainably. 

  • Clarity: OKRs help you create clarity on your company's strategy at all levels of the organization. 

  • Alignment: Your company aligns on the organization's most important priorities on a quarterly basis - top down & bottom up.

  • Focus: OKRs are cascaded throughout the whole organization, so that everyone sets a common focus on what matters most.

  • Impact: OKRs boost your organization's growth mindset and make everyone focus on achieving measurable outcomes. 

  • Engagement: OKRs are localized at all levels, consequently, teams feel engaged & included in the goal setting process.

  • Transparency: All OKRs are shared across all levels. Teams understand what matters most and how everyone contributes.

  • Collaboration: OKRs break silos and drive cross-functional collaboration by making interdependencies visible to everyone. 

  • Velocity: The 90-day OKR cycle creates dynamic momentum within the organization and enables rapid learning. 

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  • Introduction: Getting to know the senior leadership team is essential to understand the OKR sponsor's intention & mindset.

  • Assessment: Analyzing your organization's status quo with regards to current goal setting & work practices provides the basis for creating a program tailored to your needs.

  • Consulting: Coaching the senior leaders and teams on how to adopt the OKR cycle and how to avoid common mistakes.

“I wouldn't have thought how much of a difference it makes to work together with an experienced OKR expert. There is so much you can do wrong and Carolin helped us clean up so many mistakes we were making. She is an expert and also very empathetic. Everyone likes to work together with her.”

Lucy (CHRO)

“OKRs are easy to understand, but not simple to implement. Carolin guided us through the whole OKR cycle with her profound know-how and experience and ultimately, helped us succeed. This wouldn't have been possible without her incredible advice, commitment, and drive.”

Pete (COO)


“Carolin helped us change from an output driven organization to an outcome driven one. Her work set the foundation for the tremendous growth trajectory we have experienced in the past couple of years.”

Andrew (CEO) 

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